Restoring the landscape vision

Early views

Castle Drogo 1940s

When Julius Drewe starting building Castle Drogo he had a clear vision of the views he wanted from his castle.

He asked Sir Edwin Lutyens to plant Scots pine trees to create a feel of the Scottish highlands leading up to the castle walls. The Scots pines were planted to shield the castle from the weather, but also planted thinly enough so that the Drewe’s could maintain key views both from the castle and into the castle from the surrounding area.

Over the years trees have self-seeded in between the Scots pines and this is a far cry from the vision that was intended. Earlier in the year some trees were cut down, the results compared to the very early photos are breathtaking.

view 1

The view of the south end of the castle 2014


view 2

The view of the south end of the castle 2015


earlt views 2

Castle Drogo still being built