The new Bunty House

This week we finally moved house, well we actually moved two houses!  The original ‘Baby Bunty’ house was moved into storage so we can start the much need conservation work to preserve it for the future.  Then in its place we moved the new ‘Baby Bunty’ house ready for children to play in and enjoy.  The new Bunty house is an exact replica of the original based on a very early photo taken in the Drogo garden in the 1940’s.

The original Bunty House at Castle Drogo

You will notice that the new house has a cedar clad roof instead of the red painted roof which was actually a later addition.  All the doors, windows, guttering and trellis have been made identical to the original.

We have an original advert for the ‘Baby Bunty’ house from 1914 which was advertised for sale in a brochure from the Chelsea Flower Show.  At the time you could choose between purchasing the ‘Bunty’ and the smaller ‘Baby Bunty’ which is the one the family owned.

The new ‘Baby Bunty’ house was expertly made by our very own building supervisor Eddie Clark who used to make children’s play houses for a living once upon a time.  Eddie has done an incredible job and all whilst juggling his normal role at the same time.  The new house also has a new garden to match with two lawn areas and flower borders packed with bedding plants along the edges.  We have gone for a more traditional style in keeping with the building’s period.

There are just a few finishing touches left to do and a picket fence to put up but we hope that the Bunty house can be enjoyed for many years to come.

Emma, Head Gardener


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