Reinstating Lutyens’ orginal design

As well as the castle undergoing major restoration the garden has also been undergoing conservation work to take it back to Lutyens’original design.

Reinstating the “crisp, straight lines”

Lutyens designed the garden to have crisp straight lines, however, over the years the egdes of the borders had become slightly curved and warped due to the wooden edging. Back in October the garden team installed around 600 metres of metal and slate edging to get these straight lines back.

It wasn’t an easy job though as the edging involved all 24 rose beds and turf from around all beds had to lifted and the old timber edging removed.

The result is a much more in line with Lutyens’ original design.

steel edging

The finished steel edging

Garden paths

Straight after the New Year the next contractor brought in his mini diggers and dumper trucks to start work resurfacing 750 square metres of pathway. This involved removing 200 tonnes of material to be able to create a level path with a solid layer of aggregate and gravel on top. The chosen finish is a 6mm granite gravel to dust which compacts very well. Once it’s weathered and settled down the gravel works its way to the surface. We believe this is what was used on the original paths and definitely blends in with the granite steps and surrounding walls.

All this work will definitely raise the presentation standards of the garden but more importantly it will conserve the garden at its best for the future.

Before garden pic

Work on the garden paths in January

After garden pic

The finished path ways

countrylife 1929 pic

The garden when it was finished in 1929


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